The Features And Material Of The Injection Mould

There are a lot of materials that can be used in the mass production of the mould making.  But do you know what kinds of them and which one is suitable for you?

The core features of injection molds are as follows:

1. High precision: The injection mold has high precision and high repeatability, which ensures the consistency of product size and appearance.

2. Long life: Injection molds have a long service life and can withstand high-strength and complex injection molding production processes.

3. High product quality: Injection molds can produce high-precision, high-quality products while saving raw material and labor costs.

4. Fast delivery: The fast manufacturing and delivery capabilities of injection molds greatly shorten the production cycle and improve the delivery efficiency.

5. Multi-material application: Injection molds can be used for injection molding of various materials, such as plastics and metals.

6. Manufacturing of large and complex products: Injection molds can produce large and complex products, such as auto parts, home appliance parts, etc.

7. Customizable: According to customer needs, injection molds can be customized to meet individual production needs.

The core features of injection molds are as follows01

Tool steel materials characteristics:

1. P20: also known as 1.2311, has high hardness and wear resistance, and is widely used in injection molds, die-casting molds and extrusion molds;

2. 718H: also known as 1.2738, has excellent processing performance and high strength, suitable for manufacturing large injection molds and die-casting molds;

3. S136H: also known as 1.2316, has excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and is often used in the production of molds, mold inserts, mold cores, etc.;

4. S136 hardened: also known as S136HRC, is the product of S136H after heat treatment, with higher hardness and better wear resistance;

5. NAK80: Also known as P21, is an advanced high-hardness plastic mold steel with excellent wear resistance and high transparency, suitable for manufacturing high-precision injection molds and transparent part molds.

Post time: Jun-13-2023